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Origins of our tea

Brodies have been importing and blending tea since the time of the great tea clippers which docked at the bustling Port of Leith, laden with precious cargoes from the farthest corners of the earth.

Our tea is still sourced from the established tea growing countries of India, Africa, Sri Lanka and China and we continue in that spirit of exploration by also working with emerging tea-growing countries such as Indonesia, Vietnam and Zimbabwe.

Another testament to our commitment to quality is our membership of the prestigious Tea Council since 1979, when the Tea Grading System was founded.

The Tea Process

Tea is an evergreen tropical plant from the Camellia Sinensis family and is produced from the green tender shoots which are picked by hand.

The leaves are then withered by exposure to warm, dry air, then rolled - breaking up the cells and releasing the natural juices and enzymes which give the tea its characteristic flavour.

The next stage is fermentation when the leaves are spread out and cooled in a humid atmosphere. Finally the leaves are dried in a hot air chamber and graded by their size.

Blending of our tea

We select teas with varying characteristics, that when combined create a pleasing, well-balanced flavour to our special blends.

Assam gives a strong malty taste, traditionally associated with a breakfast tea, while teas from Kenya and Rwanda produce the light, bright, refreshing flavour of afternoon tea.


Fairtrade logo


We were early adopters of Fairtrade, one of the most widely recognised and trusted certification marks in the UK.

It is also the only certification that tackles all the elements that farmers need to make their lives sustainable in the long term – these include being financially stable, protecting the environment and supporting the community.

We roast a range of fine Fairtrade coffees from Colombia, Brazil and Honduras.

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