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For 150 years, the name Brodies has been synonymous with the finest tea and coffee blends from around the world. Founded in Edinburgh in 1867 by three enterprising tea merchants who shared a passion for exploration and an instinct for quality, the company continues to this day on the quest for the very best, from plantations and tea gardens across the globe. 

Once our tea leaves and coffee beans are selected, our master blenders and roasters then set to work: using a mix of experience, expertise and a dash of magic to create the subtle flavours and rich depths that characterize the ultimate Brodies brew.

Our teas and coffees are chosen by connoisseurs – from the tea perfectionist who appreciates the joy of an elegant whole-leaf tea served in porcelain, to the coffee-aficionado wanting full-bodied bliss in an espresso cup. Discerning chocolate-lovers have also been among our loyal followers since we began crafting our award winning hand-made chocolates in 1993.

The original pioneering spirit of Brodies is clear in everything we do – from our innovative use of new technology to our passion for capturing and discovering new flavours and blends. Always at the forefront of new trends, we began working with the Fairtrade Foundation as certified Fairtrade roasters long before Fairtrade became a familiar term. 

Dedication to our craft, unwavering commitment to using only the very best raw materials and machinery, plus a long-standing reputation for superb customer service – these are all the hallmarks of the proud company that is Brodies.