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Top 85 Sprint

Top 85 represents the technical evolution of the historical and famous Series 85, which is appreciated in Italy and all over the world. In addition to its renown characteristics of robustness and reliability, La San Marco has now added a modern display, an illuminated working surface with multicoloured LEDS and automatic electronic control of the boiler temperature. The new glossy white and satin white colours, together with anti-fingerprint stainless steel, enhance the new look of the Top 85.


Technical features

  • Customisable screen with date, time and name

  • Boiler temperature display

  • Brewing status indication bar and timer for every single dose selection

  • Quantity programming in cm3 (ml) for every single coffee dose

  • Adjustment of boiler water temperature

  • Automatic on and off control

  • Colour setting of the working surface LED lights (white, blue, red, green)

  • Indication of total number of coffees brewed by the machine

  • Indication of total number of coffees brewed for every group

  • Indication of total number of coffees brewed for every selection

  • Option of activating the pre-infusion for every single group

  • Multi-language programming

  • Water softener filter resin regeneration warning (optional)

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